About Negotiations

The collective barganing agreement with the CNA covers 610 registered nurses at SVMH. We began formal contract talks with the union in February 2014 with the belief that good dialogue and joint problem solving is the key to reaching an agreement that is in the long-term best interests of our nurses and the hospital. Read More

Memo from SVMHS Chief
Nursing Officer

Christie Gonder, RN, BSN, MBA
August 20, 2014
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Unit Shift Supervisors

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Working Toward a New
Contract for our Nurses

October 28, 2014 Read Here

Declaration Letter of Impasse

December 18, 2014 Read Here

Last Contract Proposal from SVMHS

After ten months of negotiations, there is a contract offer on the table.
Restructuring Proposal
Collective Bargaining Agreement Proposal

Fact Finding Update

Fact Finding will take place March 3 and 4, 2015
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February 27, 2015 Read Memo
March 5, 2014 Update

Key Issues

Read about some of the important issues we're discussing Read More

Important Negotiation Dates

    • February – December 2014: Bargaining
    • December 18, 2014: Impasse Declared
    • January 16, 2015: Agreement to Proceed with Fact Finding

Impasse FAQ's

Q: What is impasse?

A: Impasse is the point in the negotiations process when one or both sides believes that no further progress toward an agreement can be made through traditional collective bargaining.

Q: What happens next?

A: Under the Public Employment Relations Board process, a neutral Fact Finder could be appointed to review and assess the negotiations to the point that impasse was declared. Following this investigation, the Fact Finder would recommend terms of a settlement.

Q: What about the nurse contract? Are nurses now working without a contract?

A: No. The contract with CNA remains in effect under an extension agreed to by the union and the hospital.